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ThreePeace Hall Of Fame


Raul's ThreePeace Jersey was retired on August 4, 2007. ThreePeace would like to honor him by placing him as the first member of in the ThreePeace Hall of Fame. He has been designated this honor for Promoting World Peace through his Bass Playing and Guitar Playing with ThreePeace Live and in the Studio! He will be missed. Raul was a member of ThreePeace from November 1, 2004 to August 4, 2007.

During the 90's, he honed his craft of guitar playing and singing, while working as an electrician by day, and family man by night. His wife suggested that he should look into joining a band. This got Raul connected with his first band so to speak........which was a country influenced band for the most part. Raul claims the band became a  power struggle for who would be heard, and eventually the band broke up before they even played their first gig. However, Raul did gain some good experience at singing and playing his guitar.

 Late in the 90's Raul was introduced to Big R by coincidence, or synchronicity as we like to think of it! Big R and Raul talked about guitars and subsequently got together many times to party, play guitar, and enjoy the high life. When Big R and Leftee decided to get the band back together, they needed a quality musician who was capable of playing bass, rhythm guitar, singing when needed. Raul is a versatile musician and was the natural choice for ThreePeace. His first studio recording experience came on his song ,"Use what Jah gives You" from the "Empire of the Sun" Album.  With that experience behind him Raul is firmly rooted in receiving divine creation from the Creator, through the music of ThreePeace! Rock On Raul! 


This story begins with Vdubs first band AOD - "Arsenal of Doom" in the early 80's back in the neighborhood of Village Green in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Leftee and Vdub started their punk rock experience in AOD. After 1 year of that start up experience, while Vdub and Leftee were attending Powers High School back in 1983, they started a band with guitar legend Jim Lorang called Not Quite. Not Quite was the first time the boys began to understand the technical musical experience through the teaching of Jim Lorang.

While Steve was attending college at Michigan Tech up in the U.P. of Michigan he started a band called "Bob", influenced by the Smith's, Killing Joke and The Ramones. Steve was in this band for three years.

After graduation, Vdub began his career with a financial institution in the Detroit Metro area. Steve formed a corporate band with associates from his work called "C-Notes". This Comerica Band kept Vdubs musical chops alive and their influences were Jimmy Buffet, KC and the Sunshine Band. Most notably they were known for their version of "Comerica Band" - i.e. "American Band" by Grand Funk Railroad.

Vdub and Leftee had not been in contact for at least 20 years, so when Vdub joined ThreePeace it was a Grand Blanc Reunion of all the ThreePeace members. Therefore, if ThreePeace were to be called anything else it would most likely be called "Grand Blanc ." It certainly is the central town in this ThreePeace story. Vdub's musical chops on the bass guitar brought musical chops to the album "The Rain is Coming Down". ThreePeace thanks him for his contributions to the ThreePeace cause! Vdubs ThreePeace Jersey was retired on 6/22/2012.

Mr. X

Mr. X played the drums on the Empire of the Sun album and also a few songs on the For the Love of the Rastaman Album, he also penned the lyrics for the Asshole song. He played solid rhythms for the band at live shows as well. For the time being he prefers to be annonymous in regards to ThreePeace. We thank him for his contribution over the past!


Gilligan Played Bass Guitar With ThreePeace from May 2017 to January 2018. He provided solid bass rhythms with the band with his brief tenure in the band. ThreePeace thanks him for his contribution on stage in live shows and also on tracks recorded on the 6th studio album from ThreePeace due out in 2019! His contributions to the band are appreciated!



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